Product Name : Smile doll - Baby Pink (Bluetooth)
Product No : W0101BLE02-Pink
Product Introduction


NameSmile doll - Baby Pink (Bluetooth)


P / NY0000000017D0

TechnologyBluetooth V4.0 (Single mode)

Operating FrequencyISM2.4GHz

Use RangeOpen Space Up to 30M

Detection RangeOpen Space Up to 120M

Battery TypeCR2025 3V, 165mAh(included)

Electric Quantity:Used for about 1 year on standby condition

(on testing 30 minutes per day)

Operating ambient temperature-20°C-+70°C RH<=90%

Place the ambient temperature-40°C-+85°C

DimensionHousing - Silicone-35.8mm x 29 mm

Parts Shell - ABS resin-28mm x 8 mm

Made in Taiwan